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Florida Solar Utilities, Inc (FLSU) is committed to Florida's solar energy future, one small city at a time. (We can actually do more than one at a time) Solar energy projects come in many different sizes and technologies and are often deployable in many different client environments.  However, all solar projects are unique and thus, it is always best to work with a skilled and qualified solar professional.


FLSU assists small cities with WWTP’s go solar at minimal cost, creating positive cash flow within a few days.  This is made possible by the a program in Florida that's like Georgia's Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA), which offers grant-based funding for small cities with WWTP’s to go solar.


FLSU’s Professional Services include:

  • Funding procurement
  • WWTP operational analysis
  • Engineering and Design of optimal solar energy system
  • Project Implementation and Management

Feel free to contact FLSU at if you have a project(s) for FLSU's consideration.  

Also, check out the following links for more information on solar energy in Florida

The Florida Solar Energy Center:

The FSEC was created by the Florida Legislature in 1975 to serve as the state’s energy research institute. Located at the University of Central Florida (UCF), the main responsibilities of the center are to conduct research, test and certify solar systems, and develop education programs.


Florida Solar Energy Industries Association:

Find a solar contractor for residential or commercial projects


Solar Energy Industry Association (FL page) 

A wealth of stats about solar in Florida


U.S. Energy Information Administration- Florida State Profile -

Explore official energy statistics, including data on electricity supply and demand, from the U.S. government:

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